Steve first became interested in science fiction as a youngster after reading Poul Anderson and Robert A. Heinlein. Their work inspired him to write a future history based on projecting a worst case scenario of current economic problems into the future. As it stands his future history takes up a century from now in a world without nation-states controlled by mega-corporations and a sinister world government known as The Fusion. Add to that manipulative evil aliens bent on enslaving mankind and the story line makes for an exciting action adventure. He is working on a prequel featuring the adventures of some determined survivors who suspect the plagues that wiped out over 90% of the human race were engineered. The new world government seeks to suppress inquiry into that question at any cost.

Steven Vandervelde is a part time science fiction writer who studied history, political philosophy, economics, anthropology, and archaeology. He has a degree in history, but was always interested in biology and the sciences in general.


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