The nature of government explained.

The nature of government as explained in The Lords Of War,  from Mole Rats of Mars, The Complete Collection

“The point that it stops working smoothly is when there are too many people for them to all know each other personally.  People become alienated, estranged from one another.  In order to cooperate they need an external agency.  The big problem is that general agreement is no longer possible.  Each of us have different ideas and learn different things at different times in our lives.  The state came about as a system to impose agreement.  Authority becomes a substitute for thought.  That is the origin of religion and later of ideology.

“The people in charge of the Cadre understand this and are working to impose the same ancient model wrapped in a new modern package.  The party line, the final authority, is imposed.  Thinking freely is forbidden.  Disagreement is punished.  The authoritarian model is ideal for a military command structure.  The central planners, the leaders, are the only ones permitted to think, and even they are only permitted to think and act within the limits of the ideology.

“The central conflict in any society where the population becomes too large will always devolve into a conflict between individual freedom and external authority.  The central drive and purpose of our revolution is to create a new balance where individual freedom is greater and central external authority is as weak as possible.


About Steven Vandervelde

Science fiction writer.
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