What is The CFR Collusion?


The CFR Collusion is an original Science Fiction novel published in serial form. The author envisions a futuristic dystopian world a century from the present. This vision is based on popular conceptions of current events projected into a future that goes horribly wrong. Huge mega corporations monopolize industry, manipulated by The Agency, the sinister shadow power behind the Council on Foreign Relation’s global system, The Fusion. It is a world, which has achieved the ideal of the CFR’s early twentieth century founders, a world free of war and contending nations, but things begin to go horribly wrong with the establishment of a global Eugenics Commission. That, and the introduction of direct brain to computer interface threaten universal enslavement. A revolutionary underground is formed to oppose the corporatist establishment, but there is a new threat from beyond Earth…

In the CFR Collusion I take a look into a future where humanity has recovered from a disastrous economic calamity, wars, and plagues resulting in the depopulation of the planet by 90%.  A world government has taken charge, manipulating a vast system of mega-corporations and nominally autonomous city-states. The controlling ideology is that population growth must be restricted at all costs and that the best way to improve the human condition in the long term is though selective breeding imposed by the World Health Organization under the agency of the Eugenics Commission resulting in almost unimaginable corruption creating a new slave trade in un-authorized people, who officially have no right to exist.

Under the rule of the Fusion the CFR has assumed the mantle of the defunct United Nations, which disbanded as the nation states disintegrated.  The Fusion is an imperial system with the CFR as the equivalent of the Roman Senate.  There is no traditional effort to impose a system of law and taxation.  Instead the nominally independent city-states of Earth exist as hosts for mega-corporations or playgrounds for the super rich.  Political policy derives from Mandates imposed by the CFR.  The Peace Keeper forces are the official enforcement mechanism supplemented by private contractors all under the clandestine control of the Agency with its own “assets”.  Headquartered in Manhattan Free State after the fall of the District of Columbia, the former CIA exits independently of the CFR.  Overlapping membership in the Agency and the CFR make it impossible to know who is really in power.  The only competition to the Agency is the Home Office headquartered in the City of London Free State.  The Home Office controls the Eugenics Commission.  The mission of the Agency is to maintain political control.  The mission of the Eugenics Commision is to maintain control of the population.  The nominally independent mega corporations control the “commanding heights” of the political economy.  Only independently wealthy individuals can exist in any condition of personal independence but most are creatures of the establishment oligarchy.

The story begins with the rebellion of one of the super rich, the Estate Holder in the insignificant state, South Carolina, and his free employees, his forest Rangers.  Those who refuse to participate or fail to qualify under the regime of the Eugenics Commission are known as Naturals.  They have organized a Natural Rights Movement with the Estate Holder as their defacto revolutionary leader.  This is the story of the struggle of the key leaders and their friends against an almost unimaginably corrupt system.


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3 Responses to What is The CFR Collusion?

  1. Joshua says:

    I read the CFR collusion just now and finished it. I thought it was pretty good. But theres something very confusing. In the glossary, the story tells about the past leading to the new world order. I know some of the things are true in our world. But there are some things that dont make sense.. When it says the allies were called the U.N. by 1944 during WWII or that the Soviets sided with the militant Islamists during the cold war. I looked these things up on the internet, and the UN came into exisitence in 1945 and the soviet union didnt ally with radical Muslims. Didnt they fight against them such as in Afghanistan or elsewhere? Is this book also part alternative history as well as dystopian? Im very puzzled.

  2. Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I encourage you to post a review on my Amazon author page. The UN was in the planning stages in the USA. Just watch any WWII news reel with General Eisenhawer. He always calls the allies the United Nations. As to the Soviets in the Mideast, most of the military hardware of Egypt, Libya, Syria, and Iraq was from the USSR. Iraq’s Soviet era equipment was wiped out in the two wars with the USA. Egypt only switched to USA military hardware after they were bought off with foreign aid. Those big tank battles of the Iraq wars you might have seen on the news were all new model USA tanks versus old Soviet tanks. That explains why the land battles between tanks were so one sided. Afghanistan was the Soviet’s last imperial war. They lost. It contributed to their downfall, just as the USA’s own intervention in Afghanistan now contributes to its bankruptcy. It is true that the Soviet rulers recognized that Islam was a threat to their system, as it is a threat to all civilized countries whether totalitarian or democratic, but they sold to the Mideastern countries because they were the opponents of US policy. Keep in mind that the Appendix is written from the point of view of the future and intentionally over generalizes. As you can see, I am not a big fan of Islam, or any other religion, but I intentionally kept religion out of my story altogether to avoid distracting from the theme of the story.

  3. The Whack-a-Mole Hypothesis
    I didn’t realize there was such a cool name for the basis of my aliens in my novel, the CFR Collusion.
    “Imagine if there’s a kind of Prime Directive in effect, but that ETIs are hovering over us with a giant hammer ready to smack it down should it suddenly not like what it sees…” http://io9.com/11-of-the-weirdest-solutions-to-the-fermi-paradox-456850746

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