Mole Rats of Mars, Kindle Edition

Part of a group of related short stories about the further adventure of characters introduced in The CFR Collusion.  A gripping conflict of crime and punishment in a self governing autonomous Martian colony of Humans and aliens.  Is it possible that a sentient being could be simply evil by nature?  Does that go against the notion of Free Will?  Bill Fargo’s saga combines science fiction, fantasy, action adventure, with space opera romance.

This is more then a simple case of crime and punishment.  In Mole Rats of Mars I deal with the question of how can we govern ourselves, at least on a small scale, without resort to authoritarian measures until faced with a dire threat.  A second theme is the coexistence and cooperation between alien species who have very different innate drives and very different cultures.  The question of the nature of evil and the existence of inborn, innate evil intervenes in a peaceful and productive mining colony.


About Steven Vandervelde

Science fiction writer.
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